Friday 21 March 2014

Experiments in Collage

I have been part of the course run by Randal Plowman called 'Experiments in Collage', which has sadly come to an end.  I have learnt quite a few new collage techniques that I will take forward within my own work.  Here are some of the collages that I did on the course.

Seeing the world through fresh eyes

We spent 6 weeks looking at different approaches to collage,

Essential Play
Trying different techniques and seeing what we liked the best.
It's a Mans world
 I really enjoyed adding painting effects and drawings within my collages,
Admit One
 And using images printed on tracing paper.
The Secret
 Trying to step out of that which feels comfortable to being outside of my comfort zone, and then bringing it all together.  

As the course has finished around 16 of the participants from around the world decided to make and send 5"x7" collages to each other, I am still working on my set to send out and should complete them over the next couple of weeks - I'll post the collages when I have done them and let you have a peek .  I will also be able to show you some of the collages that I receive from the group.

No place like home
I thoroughly recommend this class, why not do something different that will take you out of your comfort zone. Check out Randal's website to see when the next one is running, and do remember to share what you get up to!

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