Saturday, 26 April 2014

Journal Celebration Art

I grew up writing in a diary.  My first was one of this girly ones with a clasp and a lock to keep prying little brothers eyes out.  I didn't really understand how to use it but would write things like my favorite pop stars names in, favorite colours and such.

As I grew up I would use note books to write my thoughts, the angst of a teenager filling the page, no one seem to understand - little did I understand myself.  My older and wiser self could have offered much wisdom to the 18 year old who felt that she knew everything about the world.

Off and on I would share my thoughts on the pages of numerous journals, the years passing, experiences, joy, and pain found their places. When I was introduced to art journaling I was thrilled, being able to capture images, or thoughts, It could be as short or as long as I wanted.  As I have matured I realized that my journals could be what ever I wanted them to be.  I like keeping many journals, I enjoy creating in the art journals as they capture a mood for me and can be as complicated as I require, and with each morning I am drawn to work in my 'morning pages' journal doing my 3 pages free flow writing - check out The Artist's Way Starter Kit by Julia Cameron.  Many an idea has sprung from these pages, or a solution to a problem been found.

I have also grown to love altering books and since taking the book binding course have become a fan and love the different types of binding methods that can be achieved, especially with the spine of the book.  I am coming to the end of my book binding course at Shepherds, the five weeks have just flown by.  Tuesdays is the last session and we will have made a total of 5 books. we have been using some beautiful Japanese hand made paper and cloth, I have been in my element, and I will share the books made at the end of next week.

Mother and Child with their Journals

I celebrate my joy in learning more about making my own books and created this painting which shows a mother sharing her handmade books with her daughter, who is getting her first book to start filling with her own adventures.

I am looking forward to making many more journals and sharing them with you here.  What creative activity are you looking forward to getting started?  let me know and share what you are doing, blessings!

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  1. Amanda I just love, love, love this painting and hope you are thinking about framing it and having some prints made for sale. I'm still working on my journal pages and learning how to make my own journals from youtube.


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