Tuesday 15 April 2014

Tutorial Tuesday - Using your Gelli Plate

Tutorial Tuesday

On Saturday I shared images of the Gelli Plate that I had made, and thought I would show you how I have been using it.  If you want to make one of your own go to Linsay - The Frugal Crafters site, they are very easy to make, all you need is:

square container to set the mixture
2 x acetate sheets to prevent drying
Container to store Gelli plate

Once you have made your gelatin plate you are ready to go.

I decided that I was going to print on some fabric.  I have a mini book that I want to make a cloth bound cover for.  It is a piece of white cotton that I have cut to size of aprox a piece of A4 paper.

I also selected some paints and stencils that I would use for the design

I applied some paint and used the brayer to move it around
 I lay the material over the plate and smoothed over it with my hands.
 This is the first layer of paint, I then added some more paint to the surface of the plate and applied the stencils

 Here is the finished material.  I will let this dry and then show you how it turned out for my mini book.

The Gelli plate is a great way to add interesting backgrounds to your work either on paper or materials, here are a few more designs that I completed on paper. 

You can get some great designs using a variety of stencils

and paint combinations - I can see two dancers in this one..

most importantly, have fun, and share what you come up with.  Blessings!


  1. What an interesting idea! In a collage class I took, the instructor took a household chemical and put in into a National Geographic Magazine, pressed and created all kinds of designs on the pages as the inks merged.

    1. Yes I love the effect, have had difficulty getting citrasol over here in the uk

  2. Not that I don't already have enough projects going, but you are going to make me pull out the gelatin I bought about a year a go to do this process. It has been waiting, but the thought of the process had halted my actions. Your pieces are beautiful, and one of a kin,that's what I like.

  3. Carol, go for it, it is so much fun! Can't wait to see your pieces, especially with the fabric, and quilting, so many possibilities!


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