Monday, 28 April 2014

Tutorial Tuesdays - Faith in the process

Every now and then you have to unleash yourself on to your supplies.  You have to throw out what you think you know and just spend some time playing.  Forget technique and rules, and what should be placed where, or what goes with what and let your hair down.

I took a break from the courses and decided to play with my supplies, which included decorated paper, paints, modelling paste and whatever else I could lay my hands on and started to lay down colour and texture on the surface.

The more I let go the more that started to be revealed. I wasn't focused on the finish product but making my way on a journey of discovery that needed a bit of faith.

With each stroke it can help you relax and take your mind off all the stuff and clutter of the day, it is a necessary process to tap into your creativity, 

Giving yourself the time, space and the freedom to play allows you to find some special surprises as they emerge from the page.  I dare you to try something, take a leap of faith and have fun with your tools, and remember to play!
Faith - Mixed media Art

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