Wednesday, 13 August 2014

New Art - Sharing my Story

Welcome to the art that I will be sharing today, a mixed media art piece combining collage and acrylics on watercolor, called 'Sharing my Story', as part of a series of art pieces that I will be sharing this week here on the blog.

We all have different stories to tell, when you look into our eyes there are many things that they have seen.  You often can't tell what someones story is by just looking at them, and this is something that takes time and a building of trust in the relationship.

Do the eyes tell of a far off journey, or how far they have already gone.  Is there a longing for a means of escape or dreams of what is to come.  I have found myself including a hot air balloon in some of my paintings, and I guess for me it is about places to travel to.

We hold our stories close, sometimes only letting a few in and sometimes not at all, but they are stories that want to be told.  We learnt the practice, sharing and not being confined to just one way..  I journal on a regular basis and with the art journaling combine art and the written word.  But then again sometimes the image says it all and there is no need for words.

Thinking about home I have tried to make it the one place that after experiencing the cares of the world you can be yourself, find rest, be nurtured and restored.

You can dream dreams of adventures, stepping out of your comfort zone as you share your story....

What stories could you share that you have been sitting on for too long?

Sharing - Mixed media art


  1. Amanda this is lovely! I like the softness of the colors and her eyes. Just beautiful!

  2. Kelly your words are much appreciated.


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