Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Color is Beautiful - Blog Hop Day - Amanda Trought

I would like to thank Tiare Smith for kicking off the blog hop for My Color is Beautiful Art 2015 Workshop. Tiare has brought together a team of inspiring creatives of which I have been asked to contribute - no pressure then!  I can't tell you how excited I am to be taking part, this is my first online teaching session, and I have a lot of exciting things to share with you as part of my lesson. 

What you will cover in my lesson!

I am excited to get you working with paints, ephemera, stencils, stamps, and we will be working on canvas using mixed media techniques to celebrate who we are, you will select your favorite colours, do bit of journalling and play with stamps and stencils as the foundation and create an image. We will be then pull out of the foundation an image and build on it using color and finish off by embellishing with beads, jewelry, and stitching,  We will be creating many layers of beautiful color that dances off the page.

Embellished painting - Amanda Trought - Realityarts
My session is about letting go and not being confined by what you feel you are expected to draw, but allowing the paint and the colours speak to you. So, put on your favorite music and allow your creativity to bring out what is in your heart! 

I will be giving away one free spot to the Course you have 3 chances to enter below from today until the class registration opens on 11 November.    You can leave a comment below on the blog, like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter for a chances to win a FREE spot.  I will be announcing the winner on Wednesday 12th November.    You can also get an EXTRA entry to win a spot by visiting the blog hop on Tiare's Blog HERE

Complete the form below to be in for a chance to win the free spot on the course 'My Color is Beautiful Art 2015'

If you love color and creativity, then you will love My Color is Beautiful Art, come and express yourself and be treated to the creative expressions of some great artists I am really looking forward to interacting as you share your creations. You can learn about the other instructors on the Blog Hop and register for the class HERE.
Martice Smith II is the next on the Blog hop for tomorrow, go and spend some time on her blog and check out what she will be teaching!

Good luck for the giveaway and remember to leave a comment!

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