Friday, 7 November 2014

What's in the Bag? New painting

I do like bags and if you look through my Pinterest board  I have a wide variety of bags that I like the look of each with its own look to fit the particular occasion.  

I have gone from carrying small ones to quite large ones and I think I have always been one of those people who needs those 'just in case' items.  I usually end up with a back or shoulder ache and so have to cull the contents of my bag, there has to be a balance..

I don't think the trolley route is going to work for me at the moment, though I've brought one for my mum and it comes in handy when I do her shopping and don't want to take the car, there are some nice designs that I have seen around.  My son calls them Granny Trollies, though I have seen a wide range of ages use them, perhaps they are coming back in fashion and I could start a trend,  Have a look at some of the ones I have collected on my Shopping Trolly board.

As a creative, you could even get a plain looking trolley and decorate it with stencils and art work.  I am going to have a look into that, they could look quite funky.

This painting that I recently completed was inspired by the bag and that feeling of joy as you break in a new bag or find one that suits all your needs (if there is one)!  Stay blessed!

Whats in the Bag - Mixed media painting, Amanda Trought


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