Sunday, 9 November 2014

Book Reviews Return

Book Reviews


I have been doing quite a bit of reading since I brought my Kindle.  The idea that you can carry around hundreds of books at a time and have your pick of what you decide to read is great.  I haven't shared my reviews for a while and will be picking this back up in a few weeks time.  I thought I would share with you some of the books that I have read so far, and the review is available on Amazon or my Creative Writing Blog.  

Every few weeks I will be reviewing a book that I have either brought or have been asked to review.  I will share what I found interesting about it, and a bit about the author.  Where possible we may also do a video review which will also be available on Amazon for you to see.

Books so far...
(click on the text to take you to the review, click on the Book to take you to amazon)
Unlocking the Heart of the Artist


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  1. Hi Amanda .. great to see some of your books - I really must settle and do some reading of books - well done ... and good that we can go over to your Creative Writing Blog to read your notes ... thanks - Hilary


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