Saturday, 21 February 2015

Collage Experiments

Earlier last year I took Randal Plowman's course 'Experiments in collage' and learnt different techniques for creating collages and I shared some of the work that I did HERE.  It was a great class and had very supportive fellow artists.  There was about 24 of us which made it a lot easier to see and comment on each others work.  There were some beautiful collages coming from the members on the course, and next week I will share some of the ones that I was sent.

One of my main reasons for taking the class is to explore the work that I want to do in Art and Health - using art and creativity as a therapeutic tool, I want to explore ways in which we can use creativity to share our stories, memories and wisdom and allow them in different ways to surface.  For me these stories are important, the ones that we were told when we were little to the ones that we in turn tell our children and with art we can capture some of them.

These are the stories that tell of love, joy, peace, loss, sorrow and pain.  We lived through these and in moments of reflection when we are gathered we ask the question.... "do you remember when?"  Sometimes we cannot find the words to express how we feel and as a carer I find creativity acts as that bridge that allows the thoughts, feelings and emotions to be expressed freely and for healing to take place.

In the class I allowed myself to play with a wide range of materials and also incorporated such as the supplies I would normally use in my work like modelling paste, paint, as well as paper from a variety of sources. This is very much a part of my mixed media journey that allows you to be expressive using whatever tools and materials you have.  A small group of us in the class agreed to make a series of collages and do an exchange.  Here are some of the ones that I created.

Set your voice free - collage on card


Explore the Dream 
Time to believe the Journey

There is no place like home - collage, mixed media

I will share the rest on my mixed media art blog HERE

I am hoping to make this a regular activity and perhaps start collage series here on the blog using my new found skills, perhaps something weekly - why not join me.  I will be using a range of materials including paper, gesso, paints, embellishments, vintage paper, found objects, general household objects, fabric etc.  You can use whatever you have around you and also dig out those rarely used materials and supplies.  The  main aim is to spend a minimum of 20 minutes playing with your supplies and adding them to the page as you create your collage.  Watch this space for details.

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