Saturday, 7 February 2015

My Color is Beautiful Art Online Course - Week 1 - Courage

We have been having a great time on the first week of My Color is Beautiful Art Online Course, and despite drawing on a regular basis, it is quite easy to forget to play and enjoy the work, rather than stick to rigid routines.

You can watch me in action in the video below to see how I got from a blank piece of paper to the image below.

This week saw me starting out playing with backgrounds and using a limited palette and enjoying the process. The colors I chose to use were ones that I rarely take out and they have been sitting at the back and out of the way, and together they seem to blend well.  This is a great exercise and one that I want to keep up and creating background pages.

After I had finished the background page, I then went on to create an image from the page, seeing what I could pull out of the paint,  Little by little a character began to come forth and had a message or a reminder to me, and that was to take courage.  I guess at some point or another we all have to face things that can be a bit challenging, but once we take that step we can be surprised at how much we had in side that was better than we had originally thought.

Here is some of the detail of the piece, I created a lot of texture just by using gesso and mark making tools

And the message of courage came shining through

Week 1 of My Color is Beautiful Art has started and there is still time to sign up, you will receive:

  • 10 positive, creative energy boosts and exercises, videos and/or pdf’s provided.  
  • 1 exercise per week for 10 weeks, resulting in feelings of joy, confidence, happiness, acceptance and love!
  • Fun giveaways/prizes! and much more!
  • The Classroom access will be open until December 31, 2015.

If you would like to sign up, you can REGISTER HERE and it will take you to the page.  

Looking forward to having you create with us!


  1. Congrats. Wonderful and inspiring. Is this your course?

  2. Hey Peaches, I am one of the teachers on the course. .. The first of many hopefully. hope you are well how's the writing coming on?


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