Thursday, 19 February 2015

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In the News!

Welcome to In The News!  Today is going to be all about one young man who, has grown up and has many talents and I thought I would share his latest achievements with you.  We have to encourage our young, the men and women of our future to step out and use the gifts, talents and abilities that they have.  It is their generation that will be the worlds next leaders and movers and shakers and as we encourage them we see the fruits of our labor.

 Over the years I have shared aspects of my son Sekani's life, this little bundle of joy has provided us with an immense amount of laughter, love and he has a generous heart.

He was always caring and wanted to help, with his inquisitive and easy going nature he shone - he was known as a chatter box!

It is amazing to think that time has flown by so quickly and I wanted to congratulate him on an achievement that he has made.

Sekani, with his stand out and not follow the crowd personality, has been working hard on his music and collaborating with friends..

He is creating his own path, stepping out into the talents and gifts that he has and sharing them with others.

Our son, the young man whose name 'Sekani' means man of wealth and laughter, who has given us so far 19 years of laughter (and a few tears) - but that is all part of life as he matures into the man that God has called him to be.

As well as playing the piano, Sekani has been writing his own songs as well.  I wanted to share with you the latest project that he has been working on (in his home studio) which is his first song released on valentines day called 'I Wanna Be', featuring a couple of his friends, Pressure H and Tenzin C. The song has been taken from the album that he is working on to be released in March!

Show him some love and visit his YouTube channel and listen to the song, and give him some encouragement.

Stay blessed and be a blessing!

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