Saturday 9 July 2016

Creating on a Budget - Figure Vase

Well here we are for another week of working with vases.  Here is the video of this weeks vase and what it looks like physically.

 This is the third vase that I had found at a thrift store, and it had a floral pattern on, I wish I had taken a photograph of it before I had altered it.

 I find that once I get a creative idea I get so caught up in it I just have to go all out, until I have no choice but to stop.  These vases have turned out far better than I had hoped, and you can see the other vases that I altered HERE and HERE

The idea behind creating them is to show you how you can create a tight budget, and with a little bit of imagination you can still produce some beautiful pieces, if not for yourself you can give them as gifts or even sell them! 

So armed with my paper clay I covered this vase and then formed a figure around the sides.  Paper clay was great to work with, and it gives you additional texture that for me works well with this piece.

I hope to work on some larger pieces, whether it is my own vase or bowl that I make from start to finish or alter something else.

I painted this one with black paint then buffed it over with Rub 'n Buff which gives you a gold finish (they come in a variety of finishes) and a little goes a long way.  You can also use gold or silver paint, by dry brushing.

I will at some point be doing a tutorial of the process, and keep a look out for my paper clay tutorial.

So this is the finished piece.  I could have also scraped some details into the clay before it dried, and you can do this with a variety of materials that you find around the home, that you can incorporate into your studio supplies.

I really like how they turned out and will definitely be doing some more.  Here is a link to the two posts for you to see how they turned out Here and Here

Stay blessed and be a blessing

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