Saturday, 23 September 2017

Survival and Triumph Art - Its HERE!

The Survival and Triumph Online Auction begins tomorrow and run until 2nd October, there will be a closing party, giveaways and more, and it has been great sharing some of the pieces that I have in the auction.

Each piece that I create comes from an emotion, experience, memory or something that I am using the art to express and it is a blessing to know that art can be used in this way.

I thought that I would share a bit of the background to the pieces that I created that are in the Survival and Triumph Online Auction.  I shared some of my pieces Here  Each artist has around 15 - 20 pieces in the Auction.

Over the 8 days you will have the opportunity to purchase work by 14 amazing artists that include Annie Hamman, Jennifer Bonneteau, Katrina Koltes, Lara Provost, Renata Loree, Jennifer Albin, Lynda Fortin King, Donna Davies Timm, Lauren Rudolph, Mystele Kirkeeng, Donna L. Martin, Jenny Doh, Dana Primrose Bloede, and myself!

This event is hosted by Stephanie Gagos once a year in honor of the very important film she is creating called

“Letter to my abusers: What I couldn’t say then”.

You can read more about Stephanie Gagos’ project HERE.
Here is a selection of my art that will be in the auction:-
Ancestors Remembered 

Ancestors Remembered - How many of you have done a family tree and really thought about the men and women who lived before you and share your history.  I have been thinking a lot lately about those family members that are no longer with us and the impact they made on my life.


Dance, this piece was inspired by the child impressed by the women in the old time films who would dance in those flowing dresses.

Dreamer, having so many dreams and seeing those dreams become reality, not being afraid to dream big, and through your walk encouraging others to dream.

In Search for Identity
In search for Identity - how do you make your way in the world, we are told how we should look, feel, what beauty is and what the world thinks of us, and more, but what do you think about yourself.  We can stop ourselves from achieving, travelling and being who we were called to be when we allow the world to define us. 

I will be sharing more of the art on my Realityarts Facebook  page, do stop by and join us for the auction, even if it is just to leave an encouraging comment, we appreciate it!

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