Saturday 16 September 2017

We've come a long way baby! How have you grown? In the Studio

Well I can't quite believe it myself but I have moved studio spaces yet again.  I reflect on how far I have come and I would have never have dreamed that I would be here.  I struggled in the early days when I kept complaining about not having enough time to create, I worked, had a young son and no space.

Humble beginnings on a small table

Here I am using one of the small tables I would use in the kitchen. I would go from this table to the end of my kitchen table and it all had to be cleared away by the end of the session.  I would stack my supplies in the bins that you can see and on the shelving below.

Using what space you have

Nothing was accessible, but I worked round things and stayed up late when everyone had gone to bed and was able to spread my supplies out a bit more.  I realized that it wasn't about how much space you had but how you used it.  I have seen other artists work in much smaller spaces and when I thought about it I had the space that I needed to create.

Box Room

When my stepdaughter moved out, my son got her room and so I decided to move into the box room and have a space I could call my own.  I dismantled the bed and took the carpet out before anyone could change their minds lol..

The bed was coming out to make way for the studio

I put down flooring

Chose the flooring without having to compromise

I took everything out redecorated and shared HERE   It was magical, my very first studio space and I didn't have to put everything away.  Being in a space that I could call my own I felt the growth

Many classes were videoed on this table

It was my creative heaven

And I worked it, it was packed to the brim, but it was a space that I could call mine and really get down to work.  After working on the end of a table this was 5 times bigger than I was used and it fit my needs at the time.  

Bigger Space - Time for more growth

When we moved a couple of years ago I didn't imagine that I would be getting a creative space 5 times the size of my previous space but I did.  I was able to have different work areas, one for sewing, crafting, office space all in the same room.  I was able to start working on sculptures and more mixed media pieces and so much more

Different work stations helped with the growth

I worked on many courses and exhibitions in this space and really appreciated being able to grow.  The hardest thing was to pack up and get my head around having a new space.  This has been the biggest hurdle, as I don't think I have quite caught up being in this space.  Getting my head around packing and unpacking the whole house and not having a ready made studio space wasn't something I looked forward to and I neglected myself and started to feel sorry for myself which I share HERE, but I knew that the new space would enable further growth. 

Saying goodbye to my old space

The Creativity Centre

Room with a view

Before we moved we agreed that this would be my space, initially temporary but it has now become a permanent thing, and there are three parts to the space that allows me to broaden my thinking and I have been calling it The Creativity Centre, and you will get to see it over time.  I couldn't get my head around how I would fit everything in the previous space into this and needed to think creatively.

I knew that I couldn't get every thing in and so Alan graciously suggested that I move my art books in one of the wardrobe spaces that we were to share (temporarily of course)!  That said and done meant that I didn't have to worry about my books for the time being, they are at hand and I could focus on what really needed to be in my space.

Wardrobe space houses some my art books 
It has been over 6 weeks now, so many things has happened to share with you both in London and Barbados, it feels like only yesterday, but strangely it feels has if we have always been in our current location.  I appreciate all the spaces that I have been able to occupy.  One of the things that I did to begin with was to paint the walls and I was able to design a pattern on the floor, which was the first time, bar putting lino in my first space that I had full control of.  I will share the process in another post.

Here is a glimpse for now

The long and short of it is that growth comes in many ways, whether the changes are big or small.  I have for the past 2 years said that I am on an adventure.  Life's adventure that can hold so many surprises, gifts, learning experiences - both good and bad and so much more!  What kind of adventure are you on?

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