Thursday 30 December 2021

What are you doing to bring in the NEW YEAR

 Join us for the Artsy Meetup Marathon

What are you doing this weekend? Join us in some artsy fun, it is a great way to see the New Year in with creatives doing what they love best and that is using their art supplies!

I am so happy to be teaching at the Artsy Meet Up Marathon organized by Kiala Givehand @kialagives for 22 Hours of creative connection all over the globe. 

There are also 25 amazing artists who will be sharing their creative gifts.

What are we going to do? – Bring in the New Year with your art supplies and an amazing community of creatives to play along with.

What you will get?

  • 22 Hours of Creative Lessons
  • Opportunity to explore with other creatives
  • Learn creative techniques, tips, tutorials and more!
  • Bring 2022 in with a creative bang!

We would love you to join us - 
Check out the details HERE


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