Wednesday 16 February 2022

Art Journal and Creative Healing - Book Review

Have you ever thought of ways that you can use your creativity to enhance your health and well-being? I take a look in the book Art Journals and Creative Healing and how a selection of artists have used their creativity to assist them when they have gone through difficult even traumatic times. They use their creativity to express areas of their life and show the beneficial impact of creativity.

How do you use your creativity? I have always thought it to be an intrinsic part of my life, and try to do some creativity activity on a daily basis. The creative act is not reserved only for my art activities, but I also in how I may order things or develop features in the garden. Being grateful for even the smallest amount of time to pour into creative activities, and then making a list of all the things you can do, even if it is only sorting out your supplies
We have to value what we have and be mindful of exactly what we are doing that we gain benefit from.

You can also join me in the Arts and Wellness Café each month, where we look at ways to bring more creativity into our lives, sharing art journaling, reviews, art work and nurturing chats.

What is it you do to heal, sooth and nurture yourself in your creative practice?

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