Sunday 4 July 2010

Books and more Books

I don't know about you but whilst I think Amazons 'one click' is a great idea it has its downside for a book shopaholic, if there is such a thing.  You can order a book when you want from the comfort of your kitchen and all the information regarding payment is already inputted, no hunting around for visa card or cash.  They have a great range of books by so many talented people. 

My latest phase is reading up as much information on other mixed media artists, there are so many wonderful new techniques to try I am not sure that my bank balance can really continue at this pace. 

I get a buzz of excitement from the moment I see a book that I like, to the opening of the box on delivery.  The satisfaction of looking up the books on their listings and reading the comments of other readers, and then you click to purchase, waiting in anticipation for the deliver - 1 day or so later you hear the knock on the door from the delivery person and your all excited likes Chistmas has come early. 

Only for it to fizzle out as you try and find a space on the bookshelf and you wonder when your really going to find the time to read this new gem.

I have promised myself that I won't be buying any more arts/crafts or creativity books till I have read the ones I have got........oh ok......unless I see a really must have publication that is screaming I want to come home with you....promise! :) 

I have listed some of the books that I really rate in the amazon side bar.  The books I just finished is -Taking Flight - Kelly Rae Roberts, I just completed her ecourse 'flying lessons' which was very good, learnt lots and in the process of putting it into action.  The other really good book is the 12 secrets of highly creative women by Gail McMeekin - great to hear the about the journey that others have taken, and really asks you some challenging questions that will help shape your creative life.  Definitely worth getting these two!  Let me know what your favourite read is..


  1. oh my gosh- i wish i could check out books from your library- looks great and like stuff i would love to look thru!

    i know what you mean about the dangers of amazon!! it's just so easy to click a little button, and seems so innocent!

  2. Oh man, can I ever relate!! I have so many book, all cool, but where do we put them all?? Painting, art, knitting, quilting, music, color books, and on and on. So much fun though!!

  3. I think I spoke too soon, another two babies to add to the pile. Anyway Kerri how is the song writing going?

  4. I just found you on Twitter. Thanks for following me. Since you are a fellow artist, I followed your blog as well. Look forward to reading more.

  5. Stopping over from Blog Frog. I'm now following you. I also found you on Twitter. I enjoy your blog. I very much relate to the situation with Amazon. Even when I lived abroad, Amazon was still available to me. Sometimes I ordered from Amazon US. Other times it was Amazon UK. I have given up on trying to show restraint. :0) Books are definitely my weakness.


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