Thursday 19 May 2011

Blessings in the post

I wanted to say a big thank you to two very special artists for their generosity.  I recently recieved two gifts in the post.  The first was from Diane Salter who sent me a copy of her Zine, Creativie Snippets - finding tiny inspirations.  It's a lovely little book and has got some great ideas.  She also sent a couple of ATC's based on Red Riding Hood.

The second was from Cynthia of Prayer notes who sent me a collection of book marks, and fridge magnet from a giveaway she was running.

With the rise in technology and the internet, it is always great to connect with each other by 'snail mail' the anticipation of hearing the post falling through the door, seeing the envelopes and postmarks from far-away-lands:) and the excitement as you open them up and see the contents! 

When you get a chance check out the links and have a look at both Diane's and Cynthias work, you will be blessed and inspired.


  1. You're right - snail mail can be so much nicer sometimes.

  2. Dorothy, its also the handling the post or art close up I might take part in one of these art swaps.

    Manda, thank you will take a look at your blog.


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