Friday, 6 May 2011

April Reflections

April has come and gone and now a new month is upon us with promises of the unexpected, new opportunities, revelation and understanding.

Looking back on April saw my participation of the A-Z challenge on both of my blog sites. After I had committed to the challenge I wondered just exactly what I was thinking to commit myself to writing 52 posts!  It was a struggle and part way through I wanted to give up, especially when life threw some unexpected curve balls!

Moving onwards, I decided to focus on what I wanted to get out of my participation in the challenge and this included improving and being more consistent in my posts, find interesting creatives and blogs, and most of all I wanted to finish!  I dug deep, kept my eye on the finish line and persevered posting 2 and 3 posts when I fell behind, and appreciated all the comments that I got with my posts.  I have connected with some amazing writers and artists, and feel more confident in my writing and more focused in the things I want to achieve with my creativity.  I also was given award above by Elizabeth 

Since completing the challenge I took a break from blogging and just spent time with family and painting. I have been going for long walks which is especially nice since we have had some lovely weather. 

Took a trip to Regents Park and also used it as an opportunity to take some photographs; it was a sunny but breezy day, when we came back I was exhausted.  I’ve also spent the time creating a supply of handmade books among other things. It’s great to get back to the supplies and reacquaint myself.

If ever there was a challenge needed it's now, we need to shake ourselves up a bit and look outside our window. Outside your front door there are amazing things happening, people getting involved in a range of things some that you would never even imagine. Taking part in challenges allows you to stretch and grow and see your situation and life in ways that you may never have dreamed of. It gets you connecting with people from all walks of life and you come out with a renewed outlook...Whats your next challenge going to be?
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