Saturday, 30 April 2011


Zenith.... the highest point; peak; acme: the zenith of someones achievements

I did it! finished, got to the end. 

For the whole of April I have been taking part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge with over 1000 other bloggers - a big thank you goes out to Arlee Bird and the team.  Our challenge was to blog the letters of the alphabet daily except Sundays.  I chose to give myself the additional challenge of posting to my art blog which meant that I had to do 52 posts altogether.  While doing the challenge I was also grieving the loss of a friend and fellow artist, Barbara Noel, and attend her Home going service.  We are in the process of adding images of her art work to a blog, if you click on her name it will take you straight there to see some of her work, and watch a video about her talking at her degree show in 2010.

After the first few posts I realised I should have done some in advance as life seemed to be getting in the way, but I was determined not to drop out.  I had wanted to develop my writing and my discipline in producing work and being more creative.  It got to a stage where I had to do 3 posts a day, the thoughts of leaving out some letters came to mind but then I felt I would only be cheating myself so I got on with it.  It is a big relief to be at the end but I am also glad that I did take the time, that I did persevere, that I disciplined myself and showed up when I needed to and made it to the end.  I can look back and be proud of myself. 

In anything we do we have to put our all into it, for we don't know who we will be blessing by our words, actions and creativity. 
I hope that my actions have been a blessing in the same way that I have been blessed by many supportive words from people who have commented and those who have signed up to my blogs, and the many blogs that I have been able to visit, and will continue to visit.

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