Thursday, 21 April 2011


My father passed away 19 years ago and there are many things I would have loved to have told him, shared with him.  Every now and again my mind runs on him and wonder how differently things would have been had he still been alive, in the sense of my mother and living and coping with the dementia, would she have developed it, would I have spent half as much time with her getting to know her now I am an adult.

When he died I didn’t want to get rid of anything of his, as my mum cleared his stuff out, I moved things into my then flat, I wanted them around me to remember him. Over the years, moving and having a son of my own, space became a premium and I had to decide what I wanted to keep, which now amounts to a few rings, cufflinks, and tie clips and they all fit neatly in a box which was also his.

He would have been 83 this year and when I look around at my possessions I wonder what my son would take as his keepsake to remember me when I’m gone, or are all those things I hold on to only of value to me!
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