Monday, 25 April 2011


When we think of nurturing we think of mothers caring for their young until they are ready to fly the nest, and with birds, either with a gentle persuasion or a little push the bird is launched into the air with the knowledge that 'its' mother knows best', it has all the tools to complete the task of flying, it is ready!

As a young artist on my journey, I didn’t realise I needed to be in an environment of encouragement. On several occasions I allowed myself to listen to the negative criticisms of others and took it to heart, believing instead that they were right and I stopped being creative. Years later I discovered was not about my art, but about their own insecurities and dreams that had been killed at an early age.

I then began the task of hiding behind numerous other activities which didn’t bring the joy that I had found being creative, but would dip my toe in every now and then remembering what I really wanted to do. The catalyst that would change everything was suggesting to the day care centre for dementia that my mother attends that I could do a weekly art session with some of the clients. They agreed and I started the sessions.

I had to encourage  80 year old men and women who had been told that they were useless at drawing and who had not picked up a pen to do any kind of creative activity for nearly 70 years.  Some of them just didn’t see the point. Each week I would try different tactics until we got the balance right.

Six months later they were looking forward to the 2 hour session. We would combine creativity with singing and reminiscing, and we would regularly display their work, the art sessions continued for 2 years!

Encouraging the participants encouraged my heart and I decided that I would follow my passion to create, nurturing my dream for me.  I would spread my wings and fly into the adventure of self discovery, joy, understanding, and love. Think about any dreams you have that need nurturing, are there ideas you have pushed to the background for fear of what others think or don’t understand? and what barriers have you overcome?
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