Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Running on Empty

We've all heard the term, and there are quite a few others that have similar meanings, 'burning the candle at both ends, writers/artist block, and many more.  These states of being can be a result of not making the right decisions to ensure we are looking after our health be it food and exercise but also spending quality time with friends and family - making time to renew our creative spark.  Some of us take heed or more often than not we ignore it, waiting instead for the consequences that will either lead to blocks, burn out or illness and exhaustion. 

For those that own a car, each year we take it for its Service and MOT to make sure its road worthy, it won't pass unless everything is in good condition and we regularly put petrol in our car and top up oil and water.  If we are going to do that for a piece of metal that gets us from A-Z why not our own bodies.  Have you been running on empty for a while?
We often committe ourselves and time to doing projects that if we had thought clearly about we would never have agreed.  Perhaps its time to take stock. Take a look at the wheel above draw a line where you think you are at that point, it covers all aspects of life, finance, family, health etc.  You get a chart looking something like the small one below. It will help you recognise those areas in your life that need some extra attention and tlc, the next step is doing something about it....
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