Monday, 18 April 2011

Jasmine scented Cordyline Australis

The Jasmine plant is one of my favorites, producing an abundance of small white flowers.  It has an aroma that wafts into the house in the early summer evenings - just beautiful.  In my garden I had decided that I wanted it to be filled with sweet smells and vibrant colours, it has taken around 13 year to estabish, experiment and find a balance that would welcome wildlife and be a relaxing space to be in.

I planted a couple of Cordyline Australis ( Cabbage tree) around 8 years ago, they are native of New Zealand, and was lucky that I put it at the back of the garden.  They can grow up to 66 feet!  The best thing is the flowers they produce also have a gorgeous Jasmine smell and when you have the kitchen window  or back door open you get amazing smells coming through the house.

Often our journeys to where we want to be as artists takes much training, discipline, early mornings, late nights, learning new skills and techniques to enable us to reach the goals we aspire to. At any given moment there could be someone somewhere around the world waiting to be inspired and blessed by something that you say, write, create. It’s the simple things that bring so much joy, what are your favourite flowers?
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