Monday, 18 April 2011

Jasmine scented Cordyline Australis

The Jasmine plant is one of my favorites, producing an abundance of small white flowers.  It has an aroma that wafts into the house in the early summer evenings - just beautiful.  In my garden I had decided that I wanted it to be filled with sweet smells and vibrant colours, it has taken around 13 year to estabish, experiment and find a balance that would welcome wildlife and be a relaxing space to be in.

I planted a couple of Cordyline Australis ( Cabbage tree) around 8 years ago, they are native of New Zealand, and was lucky that I put it at the back of the garden.  They can grow up to 66 feet!  The best thing is the flowers they produce also have a gorgeous Jasmine smell and when you have the kitchen window  or back door open you get amazing smells coming through the house.

Often our journeys to where we want to be as artists takes much training, discipline, early mornings, late nights, learning new skills and techniques to enable us to reach the goals we aspire to. At any given moment there could be someone somewhere around the world waiting to be inspired and blessed by something that you say, write, create. It’s the simple things that bring so much joy, what are your favourite flowers?


  1. LOVE your Jasmine plant and little white flowers! I am sure the scent must be heavenly. My favorite flower is the hydrangea... Oh, how I love them! :)

  2. I love using the scent of jasmin in my candle making :) As to favorite, I am totally a lilly fan, Lillies of the valley :)

  3. Inside my home I burn lavender and clary sage essential oils in my oil burner. The scent relaxes me and makes me feel good. I love jasmine, and have thought about getting a potted jasmine plant for my front porch. Jasmine is my favorite outdoors with lily coming a close second.

  4. Lovely post: I love the aroma of jasmine.

  5. I love Jasmine too. I had a couple where I used to live. I think they are the same one's you're talking about. They were very pretty.

  6. I too, share your love of Jasmine, flowers, plants, all things of Nature ... so important, as artists, to take in all the beauty around us, absorbing and appreciating, so that we can in turn do our part to add some beauty of our own through our craft, hmm?

    Good post, and nice blog ya got here. I'll have to come back!

    Marvin D Wilson

  7. Sounds luscious! It's not a flower, but I love to have some mint near entryways so I can smell it as I come home or leave. I love flowering trees, but I don't know their names or I'd have them in my yard.

  8. One of my favourite flowers is Jasmine. I would like to know more about this Cordylin Australis plant, (or is it a tree). Does it really have jasmine smell? Wehad a jasmine trellis in my parent's backyard. We used to get baskets full of buds and they would bloo, right int the basket!! I miss the fragrance.

  9. Gorgeous tree! I wish I'd have a tree like that I'd planted from 8 years past. Lucky you!


    PS--thanks for following me! :D

  10. Hi Amanda! Oh, I LOVE your blog! It is so beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for the lovely comment. :)

    Reflections on Writing

  11. Oh I love Jasmine. I planted some many years ago onour pump house and it took over the entire structure. It's spring/early summer here and the flowers are just now blooming and the scent blocks every other flower out. It's wonderful!

  12. Can't believe you've just posted about a tree I've been desperate to identify! there's one in my street that smells heavenly in summer and I have to agree with you on jasmine being my favourite for scented plants. For looking at though I adore the fuscia.

  13. Gloria, the scent is indeed gorgous, I did have a hydrangea plant but its never really settled.

    Siv, The candles must smell lovely, Lillies also can have a beautiful smell. Lilly of the Valley is one I remember growing up, my mother loved it.

    Rasz, the oil burners are so handy, Lavender is a second favourite.

    Anthony, thank you for your visit and comment.

  14. Shelly, thanks for your visit

    Marvin, bless you, come any time!

    Shannon, Mint is great, you never know a bird might drop a seed for you to grow, I got 3 trees this way!

    Munir, If you give it space it grows into a tree, in a pot you just get the first leaves. It indeed has a very similar smell to Jasmine, only more intense!

    Elizabeth, not too late to start! time flies so quickly!

    Melissa, thank you for your comment,very encouraging.

    L A Colvin, its great isn't it!

    Dorothy, so glad to have been able to help, Fuscia are lovely, have you had a chance to smell freesias, they too have a lovely sweet smell!


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