Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas wishes and 21 Secrets - Jane Davenport

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and wishing you and yours every peace and good health.

I thought I'd share with you about another one of the 21 Secrets workshop that I have been doing.  Frolicaholic is Jane Davenports offerings in 21 secrets and is designed to help you overcome those blocks you may have to spending time in your art journal.   
The time you do find should be precious and while not everyone has hours on end you need to find the creative hotspots where you can, that 10 minutes or so wherever you are that you can utilise for your creativity.  You can pull out a few simple materials and sketch or doodle as this is your investment to your growth.   
We all have experienced the art gremlins as Jane calls them that try and convince us that what we are doing is not very good, or so and so is better or the worse gremlin talk is that there is not enough room for another artist.  You come away with your own reference for other creative work and a general reminder to keep at it no matter the circumstances. 
I still have some pages to finish in this journal and will share how I get on at a later date.  The more you practice anything the better you will get, how about practicing spending some quality time for yourself.  Check out Jane’s site, she is very generous with her videos and her site is a pleasure to spend time in. Blessings for now!


  1. Hi Amanda .. I do hope 2013 is happy and easier for you .. look after yourself and enjoy those art projects ..

    Cheers - Hilary

  2. Blessings to you and yours for the coming new year. This post is my sentiments exactly. Art is suppose to be an expression of ones innermost self and not just created to try and please others. Keep on creating what speaks to you. Art comes from within and no two people have the same art expressions (maybe similar).

  3. Hilary, in the throws of 2013, looking forward and excited for the many different areas of work for this year.

    Carol I am spending more time creating those things that speaks to my heart, I know the Lord has got so many insights to our work to come.


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