Thursday, 20 June 2013

Gratitudes - The Summer

The sun as it beats down, relaxing in the garden, the sound of the birds, the summer holidays, children laughing, picnic in the park and a game of rounders, warm summer evenings, watching the sun set and blowing out the garden candle looking forward for tomorrow.  I am grateful!


  1. Lovely, Amanda. I can just picture all this in my mind, except rounders. I am not familiar with that game.

  2. Happy summer solstice, Amanda. Here it is winter solstice today, and I've just done a post on it. What contrasts, and yet we are all linked.

  3. Beautiful thoughts in print Amanda about Summer, but we've yet to see much of it. had two day's sunshine a while back,
    had a thunderstorm then overcast and humid ever since.
    Loved your post it reminded me what summer can be like.


  4. Sounds idyllic. I can tell you don't live in the UK!

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  6. Hi Amanda .. we can conjure up many thoughts of summer - I used to love playing rounders .. let's hope summer does turn up soon - the Eastbourne tennis was windy to put it mildly .. but at least the rain mostly flew over Beachy Head and inland ..

    Have a good week .. with thoughts - Hilary


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