Friday, 27 September 2013

Gratitude and Celebration Journal - Week 12 - Brave

Gratitude and Celebration Journal - Week 12 
You are Braver than you think you are

Would you ever consider yourself to be brave? when you look back at your life and experiences have there been clear examples that you can think of?  There are people all round the world who do brave things that go unnoticed, whether it is speaking up against injustices and standing up for your beliefs to making a difference in your community and being a helping hand.  This page is a reminder to me how far I have actually come.  There are so many things that we dream of doing, and each and every day can be a challenge.  We have to be clear about where we would like to go then pick ourselves up and take another step.  Boldness in my work and confidence to share has been something that I have been working on, especially when it comes to the journal work.  It is in our braveness that we pave the way for someone else to shine their light. I celebrate and am grateful for the many opportunities to come.

Gratitudes and Celebration Journal - You are Brave!
As this week draws to a close can you think of examples where you have had to be brave?  Remeber if you made it through that day then you can make it through many others.  Have a blessed weekend!

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