Monday, 23 September 2013

Gratitude's and Celebration Journal Week 11 - Change

Gratitude's and Celebration Journal week 11


I know I should have posted this on Friday but a dark cloud decided to dwell and hinder my posting, but it is better late than never.  There were a few things that had cropped up and we have to use wisdom to get through all the little pits and hills that come our way.  One thing I came out of last week feeling is the need to have change in my life and see the evidence of things moving.  I am currently reading a book by Susan Rae Baker called Defining Moments - A gathering of women's Journeys.  It is filled with the stories of women who have been through so much and yet have turned situations in their lives and tragedies round to set themselves on the path that enables them to see their lives as whole.  I've just started the book but it has put a new perspective on so many things, it also reminds me as I care for my mother that I am not alone and there are so many people who experience caring for a parent with dementia. It has been particularly hard last week and I constantly ask myself in some of the more challenging moments how mum must feel.  I also had news of another friend with suspected Myeloma that claimed my brothers life, and it brought home that we are now in a generation where we will know more and more who loose their life, and we will probably be attending more funerals than weddings. 

This is not to dwell on all that is wrong with the world, but being grateful and celebrating life.  I decided that I will slightly change these posts and they will still have the journal page with a reflection, but I will write the things that I am grateful for within the post, and look forward to seeing what you are grateful for.  

The page reads - It is time to make a change.......

We all have those things that impact on our lives and can see us go in totally different directions.   I would like to be open to make a change from those things in my life that are currently hindering progress, stepping out and stepping up. I am grateful that I can still make changes, there is no time limit, you can be who you were called to be!   I celebrate my relationship with my mother and the one I had with my brother, through the loss and the pain it really makes me appreciate what I have and those relationships with loved ones - family and friends who are still here.  I hope you have a blessed week as you to look at areas of your life that might need to change.

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