Sunday, 8 September 2013

Reflection - Thought for the Week - 52 Weeks of Colour and Inspiration

Who would have thought that a year would pass by so quickly - and it has, it does, and will continue to do so.  We have to remind ourselves that if we don't do anything time will pass without us, and so you might as well do something that can not only bless you, but others as well.

I have been blessed taking photographs and altering them digitally and have a year's worth of work to look back on, and possible do something else with.  Are there things that you started out last year and have come to the end of?  It is a lovely feeling to see how I have grown and developed, and I will now make plans to develop even further
Half way through the year I started doing the 'Thought for the week' which allowed me to really reflect on the words that I was using in the post.  It would be great to hear how some of the words have impacted on your life and what changes you will be bringing to your own routine.
If you missed any of the links before, come and join me and look back over the year of images, quotes and scriptures!  Click on a links below...


  1. I just decided to take a peek over here. I hope you and your family are well. Best wishes.

    1. Peaches, lovely to have you visit, it has been a while, we must catch up!


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