Thursday, 22 May 2014

30 Days of Change - Day 4

Smoothie for the day

Today is mix and match day, and I am going to make my favorite smoothie from day 1-3 using up some of the ingredients that I have left.  I'll have to buy some more fruit as I have been making smoothies for my husband and son each morning as well.

I have definity felt some improvement with having the increased vitamins and minerals intake and it should get better as the weeks go on. 

Lesson learnt from yesterday -  
When there are changes to your routine you need to account for the slip ups and put steps in place to stop making bad choices.  

I found some gluten free cake at my mums that I had brought last week that screamed to be eaten with a cup of Earl grey tea!  'Get rid of them' was the faint cry that was drowned out by the kettle boiling.  Loosing my train of thought for a moment  before I knew it I was sitting at the table with a plate in my hand and a slice of cake smiled coyly back at me. 

I need to keep the cake and the chocolate biscuit that tasted a lot like the Milky ways my mum used to get us when we were children, but it had much thicker chocolate - a wide berth!

I am still committed to make the changes and know that this is one day out of many where I can turn things around.  Today I can be and do different

What will you do with your day?

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