Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Work in Progress - What are you in the middle of?

Thought I would share what I am working on at the moment, in the midst of some of the online courses, clearing and redecorating at home.  I have been playing around with supplies and my journal/art book.

Just adding shapes and colours to the page.  These guys have come to visit

Not sure quite yet what message they want to share, they have brought their child with them.

I think that the child also has something to share, could be a photo that they have in their hand or a book

The more I play with the page I am sure that they will have something encouraging and supportive to say.  The most important thing is spending some time being creative.  

When it is finished I will let you see the family and what blessings they have to bring, there may be some changes made along the way, but it is important to keep going and do something even if it is one thing each and every day. 

Another couple are showing their face, they look like they will have some good news to share, and as soon as I know I will let you know!

I am reminded today that we are all a work in progress, and still on our journey, learning something new every day.  It is alright to step away from your work every now and then and look from a different perspective.  

What are you right in the middle of today? Take some time to notice what is going on around you and capture that in some creative play.  Above all, stay blessed and be a blessing!

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