Monday 19 May 2014

30 Days of Change - Healthier Lifestyle

I have committed myself to make a change in my lifestyle to hopefully impact on my health, starting today.  The changes include:

  • Exercise - minimum half and hour
  • Drinking Water - Minimum 1 litre
  • Having a Smoothie - Once a day
  • Pampering session - for encouragement - once a week
  • Cut down on sugar
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Not eating after 8pm

There is no time like the present to make that change, however small you want to make it, do it for you.  I wanted to use it as a way to kick start my healthy routine, loose some weight and get into a couple of really lovely dresses in my wardrobe!  A small change each day can add up to something worthwhile.

I will be having a smoothie every day to make sure I get all those vital nutrients, here is what I had today, I mixed mine with oat milk but you can use water if you wish!

Here is the smoothie for day 1

I will be doing a vlog of the journey - (keeping it simple) and posting the smoothie recipes here.  Hope you come along for the ride, start where you are and make a commitment to your own health and well-being!

If you are going to join, do share what change/s you will be making, and let me know how you get on so I can come and cheer in your corner!


  1. I love this simple, sensible plan and want to do something like this myself. Would love to hear how it's going.

  2. Reese, go for it, let me know how you get on, I am hoping to get my vlogs going by the end of this week if not sooner.


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