Monday, 28 July 2014

Material Mondays - Fabric Dolls Part 2

 Material Mondays - Painted Fabric

It always amazes me how quickly time flies - they say especially when your having fun, but it has been quite a busy week that saw most of my posts fall by the wayside, but not to be deterred and getting back on track again, finds me with the second doll.

In Last week's Material Monday I shared with you a doll that we had been shown how to make by Susana Tavares on the Soul Food course.

Well I made another one, in exactly the same way, but for a different use.  
Crochet flower and button detail

It was a very simple pattern, which you decorate with your choice of paints before hand and then put the pattern together and sew.

Once this has been done you can decorate however you choose, or leave it as is.

I really enjoyed making the doll and I kept her face fairly simple.  I added a crochet flower and band for her hair, which is wool.  I attached the hair in the same way that you would create a rug - by attaching to her head a simple crocheted hat I then hooked the wool around the spaces on the hat.

I got the bangle from the charity shop and it made a lovely choker, and I crochet a few rows together and made her a belt.

She wasn't happy until I made a bag for her to carry around with her, and this was made from scraps of material sewn together to create a bag journal

Handbag that doubles as mini mini Journal - for quotes!

It is usable and I thought that I would create a booklet type bag that I can use to write down inspiring quotes
Journal Bag

With an additional slot to hold some mini tags!
Mixed media Art Doll

Here she is ready for action.  I would love to see what you can come up with, they are so easy to make and can be given as gifts.  I have an idea of making some smaller ones, she currently stands at 14 inches and is 7 inches wide.  I hope that you've been inspired, come back for Material Mondays to see what I make next week!


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