Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tutorial Tuesday - Creating with Washi Tape and Buttons!

Ever busy in my creative activities I had a couple of products from Fantastic Ribbons to review, which consisted of a packet of their Candy Buttons, in assorted colours and some washi tape from their Pastels collection. It has been great to use both of the products in creative activities and I will be sharing what you can do to incorporate both of the products in different pieces of work.

I started out with the Washi tape and, I have used it in two mixed media paintings and a wall hanging.

The pink and blue washi tape was used in this painting called "Why Not", on the neckline of her top and with paint and stamps blended in with the rest of her top.

I used some of the washi tape in this painting called "Honouring your Story", I applied the tape in random places to add colour before the addition of acrylic paint and inks. It is great using different types of patterned paper within the paintings, and it adds different dimensions to the pieces without being too bulky.  

Wall Hanging
With the wall hanging it was great to be able to keep it simple and allow the colours of the washi tape to show through.  I had these wooden circles and covered them with the washi tape, then embossed it with embossing powder.  

With the bottom panel I added two strips of washi tape with the butterfly made from Fimo clay and then painted to match the pink in the tape.  I then added gel accents in gold to the panels.

With the buttons, I went overboard, there is so much you can do with buttons.  the colours are great, bright and fun and really bring your project to life.  Here are some of the other projects I made:

I used some of  the buttons as decoration on this fish.  I shared how to make them HERE and the fish has two looks depending on its mood.  Using some painted fabric I cut out, sewed and filled a mini fish shape, added the tail using laces and then used stitching and beads to decorate.  You could make a mobile for a kids room or put an encouraging word on it and put it in a prominent place:)

Wrist Cuff
I made a crochet wrist cuff with the buttons, decorating it with a flower.  I had added the buttons and it showed the pattern well with the silver flecked wool of the main parts of the cuff.  A larger button served as a clasp.  This took around a couple of hours, and you could mix and match with different wool and designs.

I have had these mini Dollies for a while and arranged the buttons on the Dollie and stitched them together. I think that it will make an addition to another project such as a fabric journal.

Quirky Doll
My final piece was this quirky doll.  

The doll is originally made from two crocheted flowers that had been sewn together, and decorated with buttons from the Candy range alongside acrylic gems.  there were some lovely buttons in shades of purple that I was able to use to decorate the doll.  I attached a mini hat and eyes and the shoes are made from green and pink buttons.
Quirky doll
So as you can see, several different activities from a couple of products, there are lots more that you can do with them if you put your mind to it!  When you get a chance check out Fantastic Ribbons  and see what you can find to spark your creativity, and allow your mind to run free with some of the delightful products in their range.

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