Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Cat the end of the Garden

The Painting starting out

My neighbors cat for some reason prefers to sit at the end of my garden, and he brings his friends along to sprawl under the palm tree, as if they are having a conference!. 

Every morning he strolls across the grass, after spending the night chasing mice and other things and gazes at my plum tree where I have the hanging bird feeder, hoping that one of the many birds that feast on the nuts and seeds would slip up and provide him some breakfast - as he waits to pounce on them.
He switches his tale backwards and forwards, until I open the garden door to shoo him away, surprized he makes a bolt for it to his own garden, caught in the act.

Other times you will find him stretching out on garage roofs, climbing walls and darting in and out of the hanging plants chasing the butterflies. 

But every now and again he sits on his window ledge, watching the world go by, I think that he secretly has dreams of making his escape much further afield than my garden and into other neighborhoods. But there is no time to dawdle evening comes round and the day dreaming takes a back seat to the coming adventures that await his night time pursuits.

Cat - Mixed media Painting

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  1. Hi Amanda .. lovely story and delightful cat creation from the reality of life around the neighbourhood - cheers Hilary


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