Sunday, 6 July 2014

Gifts are waiting to be birthed...Gratitude's and Celebrations Journal - Week 50

You have so many gifts waiting to be birthed

I know that I have said this before, but you are a big deal, I don’t see why I shouldn’t  let you know today if your reading this or whenever you find the time, but it needs to be said again and again! 
From before you were born you were thought of as unique and special, and with every hair on your head being accounted for you are a pretty big deal.  It doesn’t matter what you have been through, your experiences, your trials, your tribulations, or the pain that you have been through or are currently going through, your story, thoughts, experiences, views and life matters more than you will ever know.

Gifts waiting to be birthed
And just as on the day you were born there was anticipation,  joy and perhaps a tear or two, your arrival into this world is a blessing and everything that you do is connected to others souls around the world, each one with a purpose and a plan for their lives.

You are filled with immeasurable gifts that are waiting to be birthed.  It does not matter how old you are and how many years, months or days you have left, there is something that can be birthed today.    Think about the dreams you have, the hopes you have, the changes that you want to make, the steps you would like to take and do something today.  One thing that will bring you a step further to uncovering those gifts that have been laying dormant, that only you can bring.  Take a breath, are you ready, now go......
Don't be afraid....
I celebrate and am grateful today for each gift that is laying within me that I have yet to uncover, and as I take a step of faith I come closer to uncovering more joy, more grace, peace and love.
Celebrate your Gifts - Mixed Media Art by Amanda Trought
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