Friday, 18 July 2014

Gratitudes and Celebrations - Week 52 - Celebrate how far you have come!

Gratitudes and Celebration - Celebrate how far you have come.

Approximately 52 weeks ago I decided to start a Gratitude's and Celebration journal, to capture and remind me of those things that I was grateful for within my life.  I shared with you how I made the journal and in the first week talked about 'letting the love in'.

The Gratitude's and Celebration Journal has served as a reminder to make the most of each and every opportunity.

It has been great working in a small way creating art on each page, and it has also made me focus on what was really important and what mattered in my life.  I have had my share of extremely sad times, as well as moments of joy, and all experiences there for a purpose and allow us to grow.The Journal has carried me through each and every week!

In everything, above all everything I choose to be joyful, and carry that joy with me everywhere I go.  While this is the 52nd week I have decided to continue with the journal, as I still have quite a few pages left to fill.

There is still so many things to be grateful for, I hope you continue to join me on the journey, and start your own Gratitude's and Celebration journal and spend time reflecting on where you are going.

Celebrating Joy

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