Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Dream, Create, Enjoy - Art Journal Video process

I created this page a while back for my Gratitude's and Celebration Journal, and thought I would share the video of how it came together.  The great thing about working in journals is that you can come back to a page if you wish and see it change and take on a new direction.  Much like life we have to be flexible and sometimes make changes to a plan that seems immovable.  But you never know when making changes or taking a new route will unfold something really great that you never thought possible.

With the pages in this journal the majority of them have some mark on them, where I have cleaned a brush off that had excess paint, or I just wanted to make some marks and spend a quick creative 5 minutes.

Don't be afraid to let your journals work how you want them to work and in the process much will be revealed and you will have much fun.  Hope you enjoy the video.


  1. I didn't realize that you would go over the face in so many layers. Are you ever sorry you didn't stop at the last one you went over? I would have that problem! I guess you just know when enough is enough! Right?

  2. Wow! What imagination and bravery you exemplify in your art. Your use of color is overwhelming. I would never be so free to use color as you do.


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