Sunday, 5 April 2015

Material Mondays - What else can you do with Chamois leather

Chamois leather has traditionally been used for cleaning and polishing cars.  My dad used to use them on his car, and up until a few weeks ago I never gave them another thought - though my car is in need of a good clean (Sekani - if you don't mind please!!)

Anyway in my 'lets see how we can use this' phase I have been seeing what different ways I can use it, and over the next few weeks of Material Mondays I will be showing you some things that you can do.

In my local pound store they sell 12x12 in cuts of stitched chamois in the car section, for as its name suggests £1,  If you go online you can get bigger sizes, and whole pieces, the largest I've seen so far is 5 square feet. The smaller size suited me as a trial and I took it home to see how it would take paint. 

The leather was great to work with as it is so soft it takes paint well, and I used a selection of inks, and paints through stencils made from scrap plastic.

I wanted to see how it would hold up as a journal with lots of embellishments, attaching beads, spirals, and crochet ribbon.

All the embellishments were from the charity store and so while there is a nice variety going on, they compliment each other well.

On the inside it has 3 signatures, made from a selection of scrap watercolor card and paper.  It is just the right size, measuring around 4 x 6 inch

Give it a try and see what you come up with!

Next week we are going to try to make something musical with the leather...

Check out my YouTube channel to see what other creative projects that I am making.

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