Thursday, 30 April 2015

Dancing to the beat of your own drum - Painting

This painting was inspired by the idea of change as well as experimenting with a limited pallet.  When you are asked to consider what you really want in your life, it can take a while to actually articulate it and the more more you think about it the easier it is to identify those things.  

Laying down the foundation

Some people go through their life never knowing what it is they want, or even like and it isn't until you start to explore you begin to understand what you need to put in place so that you can let go of old stereotypes and patterns of behavior, and really live your life to the full.

I really enjoyed painting this picture, and feel a lot of energy coming from it.  As we dance to the beat of our own drum our lives are no longer governed by what other people think about us, or the box they want to confine us to.  We dance to the beat of who we truly are at our core, expressing our true nature, and shining.

Dancing to the Beat of your own Drum - Mixed Media

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