Friday, 15 May 2015

Gratitude's and Celebration - Week 78 - Growth

Gratitude’s and Celebration – Growth

We all want to grow and much of the time the experiences we go through can be instrumental in that growth.  Our experiences are not always positive and we can often search ourselves to find out why it may have happened to us, or what we could have done differently and more importantly I think we need to think about what we learn about ourselves through those experiences.


I see everything we go through as potential room for growth depending on our perspective.  Each experience has something that we can learn about ourselves or the world around us, and eventually we will be able to share what we've learnt for someone who is going through or experienced the same thing.

I have learnt many things thorough my experience with my mother who has dementia, I learnt about strength and faith - my mothers and my own that has developed and carried me through.  I learnt value of changing relationships, and with time adapt to the changes that come and make room. So many situations over the years that had a different impact on my life but enabled me to view it from a different perspective and share my story with others.  

I celebrate and am grateful for continued growth in my life, that has impacted and helped inform the person I am today.

Gratitude's and Celebration Journal - Growth

Where have you felt that the most growth has occurred in your life?

I am on a creative journey in my journal and hope you come along and join me. Why not start your own journal, keep it as simple or complex as you wish, but do something!

Gratitude and Celebration Journal


  1. Amazing colors and shadows! I love her hair also...a big YEAHHHH for working in an artjournal, haha!! ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  2. Hey Conny, thanks love working in the journal!


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