Monday, 11 May 2015

Material Mondays - Clay Adventures - sneak peak

For those of you who have been visiting regularly you will know that I have started to do quite a bit of work clay and sculpting and it is another creative activity which I intend to incorporate with what I do as a mixed media artist.  Whilst working with the clay, I am still incorporating different mediums together to get the final piece complete, and some that I have made before have included fabric, beads, and jewelry.  You can see some of the things that I have created so far HERE

I thought I would give you a few sneak peaks of what is to come on the clay front, and I have been beavering away with ideas and really enjoying the process.

Work in progress clay duck ready to be complete
I have expanded from creating the smaller dolls to bigger pieces and at some point I would love to create life size pieces, but currently don't have the space so I praying into that, a lovely big studio space is now what is needed to do bigger art pieces.

Work in progress - figure
These figure sculptures are around 12 - 15 inches tall, and what I find myself doing is starting quite a few at the same time, so when one piece is drying I can move on to the next.

Clay artwork waiting to be completed and go on a new journey:)
I have quite a few that are waiting to be complete, and I am so excited I can't wait to finish them.   I am still playing around so I haven't yet found the one style that I want to work with.  I am finding myself thinking a lot about what I want the sculptures to say, their clothes the way they hang, and the story that they can tell as they reach completion.

Larger art work to be completed.
Over the next few weeks I will completing the pieces, in between travelling and working on other ideas - I have made a sculpture sketch book to put new ideas in and reign myself in a bit.  I will be sharing the completed pieces here on the blog, do come back and take a look.  Stay blessed and be a blessing!

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