Monday 11 January 2016

Dwelling in the desert and images - I just felt like writing....

I felt like writing a piece, it is called 'Dwelling in the Desert'.  I would like to write more often, and plan to try and make a practice of it. I have included some of my past art work, I hope you like it, leave me a comment let me know what you think, if you resonate with the piece.

Dwelling in the Desert

How is it that thoughts can take hold of you - from just a few words your world can be turned upside down.

Mixed media art - Amanda Trought

The attentiveness wrapped in tender words is what did it in the guise of a stream.  It is now understandable that when you get stuck in the desert for so long, in a parched and dry land where everything seems withered you loose a piece of yourself, ever so slowly until you look in the mirror and don't even recognize your reflection.  Every now and then in what seems like a cycle a stream appears.  You've been parched for so long you wonder if you should drink, laugh, wet your feet or totally ignore it, but the very idea of the stream brings hope.
Mixed media art - Amanda Trought

Every time you look at the stream it reminds you of those unfulfilled dreams, and you are amazed at how you got into the position.  You never thought that you would be surrounded by dry land in the desert for so long and just got used to it, the days rolled weeks, months and then the years and then you looked back and things had changed, you had changed and you were just there.  Your throat aches from crying and calling out "Why".

Mixed media art - Amanda Trought

Now the sound of the stream as it bubbles over the rocks, caressing the tips of the trees that suddenly gather along its path.  It brings new life, fresh eyes, new ways of thinking and as quickly as the stream appears there is a refreshing to your soul and you are lost in your confusion, feeling guilty, wanting to dip in the stream, and lose yourself, scared that it is only a disguise and the thirst will still remain.
Mixed media art - Amanda Trought

You didn't realize that you were thirsty until you noticed the stream.  Some say that if you drink from the stream you will never be able to go back, some say a new life awaits.  As you walked along the stream bed, it looks so inviting, enticing, you long to laugh again and feel at ease.  Flowing over the rocks droplets of water rise up and touches your face, absorbed in your skin your senses are heightened as you are reminded of where and who you are.

Mixed media art - Amanda Trought

Confusion now spills into your mind, your heart beating fast.

Stop talking, let there be silence you say, your thoughts needing to be quiet, banishing them to the barren part of your mind so that you can be still, you want your thoughts to be ordered to stop what seems like madness, or is it just your mind playing tricks of yearning from another dimension.

You wait, confusion tries to come back from the banished regions of your mind to taunt you again and you are tempted to get closer to the stream, perhaps you'll just gaze for a while.  You tell yourself that your perspective has changed, and that you'll be stronger, and if you look through squinted eyes perhaps the desert isn't so bad, the years still passing and you can see that the desert has a different cloud formation going on, perhaps there is change ahead, perhaps it isn't enough!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful. How talented!

    1. Thank you so much, hope you are having a lovely weekend!


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