Sunday, 14 February 2016

Retreat Away from Home

When you think about a retreat what first comes to mind for you.  I know I think of pampering, spa sessions, not having to cook, and if it is a creative retreat then one filled with art workshops and spending time with like minded others.

A couple of Saturdays ago my local church held a retreat day for the women, both young and old, the children were also welcome as well, and it was great to see every one take part and share their insights.  I was asked to bring along some art materials.  I took some collage, and mark making material to add to the other creative material available.

Talking art journals
The session lasted 3 hours and it is amazing just what you can fit into the time.  One of women (Lisa) gave a talk on making new beginnings, making that start, and it was a very inspiring talk, that reminded me that I should spend more time journalling and also something I have been enjoying for a while Art journalling.  The other thing that stood out for me was talking about timelines, and noting significant timelines during the course of your life, this is something that you could combine really well with journalling. 

Making paint pallets out of cardboard
I spent some time sharing how to use some of the materials that I brought, such as the collage material, and the tools that can be used to create texture within your art work.

I shared with some of the women on my table how I used bible and dictionary pages along with other ephemera to create a collage.

For this collage I create flowers out of bible pages and a mixed ephemera loosely adding color to the pages

I then spent some time cutting them out and applying to a decorated background and adding additional colors.  3 hours fly when your having fun and we all got an opportunity to share how we were impacted by the whole session.  We were all spiritually fed as well as creatively.  Once I got home, I was still in the flow of creative experimenting and got to add some finishing touches to my two pieces.

Grounded - Mixed Media Art
Here is another one that I completed, and once home added the white detail to the flowers.  The flowers have been inspired by ones that we were shown on a session with Tiare Smith as part of The Journey Within Year long Art Journal Workshop, which was great!

How does your garden grow?

I really enjoyed creating the flowers, it allows you to be so free with your work, they are easy to create and look so pretty.  I also enjoyed every aspect of the Retreat Day, as it allowed us the time to reflect and refocus and look at how we can give ourselves a fresh start.

For a limited time on Tiare's site through to the end of Valentine’s Day get 10% off workshops and bundles (discount good on Tiare Smith Designs hosted workshop only. Does not apply to The Journey Within). In one of the courses she shows you how to make the imagery with the flowers and more.  Just enter code: IAMLOVE at checkout.  

Why not take yourself on an online retreat and take the time to meet with your creative self and grow.

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