Sunday 17 February 2019

Resolutions Exhibition - Argentina Embassy, Barbados

It was a blessing to be one of the artists chosen to exhibit in the Argentina Embassy in Barbados, and the opening evening was a great success with an amazing group of people who were able to spend time talking to the artists.

Visitors to the Exhibition

Ambassador Carlos Marcelo Salord and Minister for Creative Economy Culture and Sport - John King addressing the gathering
 I had two pieces of work on display, hanging sculptures.  I had decided that I wanted to present the sculptures in a different way.  They can also stand up

Precious Jewel Sister, Mixed Media - Amanda Trought
 They were lovely to create and incorporate a variety of materials and embellishments which taps into my love for mixed media.

Earth Metal Sister - Mixed Media - Amanda Trought

I have a few exhibitions coming up over the next few months and will be sharing the work and details

Sculptures making their way home
 All work is for for sale should one speak to you and they will be posted on my website
Sculptures Details - Earth Metal Sister, Amanda Trought

Sculptures detail - Precious Jewel Sister - Amanda Trought

As usual it is great having you here, and I will be posting more regularly and have some exciting projects to share with you, and a few challenges for you to take part in as well

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  1. Hi Amanda - that's wonderful ... congratulations - love the two pieces ... but particularly loved seeing you standing proudly in front of them - cheers and enjoy the shows - Hilary


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