Wednesday, 12 June 2019

100 Days of Pastels - Day 49 - 64

Welcome to blog today, I have officially passed the 50 pastels and as it stands today I am on painting number 65, so you are in for a treat today if you haven't managed to keep up on the daily posts.

As I look back I can definitely see my growth, and affection for working with pastels, it has become part of my routine now and it will be interesting to see how I feel at the 100 day mark.  Here is an overview of the first 50 pastels

Here are images 49 64

Day 49 - 56

Video 49

Day 57 - 64

Here is video 57

Check out some of the videos produced so far on the Video Playlist of the process on my YouTube channel which I hope will inspire and encourage you.  Remember to subscribe to the channel!

You can also check out my Pastel Ideas list on Amazon, with a range of pastels for you to choose from.

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Stay blessed and be a blessing!

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