Friday, 21 June 2019

Episode 97 - Inspirational Shorts - Progress

Inspirational Shorts are to lift and encourage you, in today's recording the title is progress. 

Listen to this short recording and get out your art journal and ponder over the words and see how they may apply to you and your circumstances

Reflection - Progress

When we feel ourselves making progress we should feel satisfied with the momentum of movement that takes us to and understanding of lives. Our progress cannot be the one that is based on the views of others as they do not see the work taking place in the still of the night or the early morning. 

As you make progress and do the things that you love doing and the things that you don’t, you do that the things that can challenge you and take you to the very brink of what you feel is your sanity, don’t let the judgement of others sway you from your course. Live life to the full every day, don’t take anything for granted and every now and again look back at the progress you are making.
Stay blessed and be a blessing

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