Monday, 24 June 2019

New Work Alert - What's New in Paperless Post

Pastel Painting by artist Amanda Trought, and invitation to look at her website to see her new work.
Pastel Painting - Amanda Trought

Welcome to the blog, so glad you could stop by.  I did a blog post review earlier this year on a company called Paperless Post - You can check out the review HERE

They have a new feature which is worth while trying out - their Flyer Option. What is new is that you can now create Flyers using GIFs and stickers and share via email or text.  So the above image was created on their platform and it could also be shared on different social media platforms and still have the writing animated - so you can see the image above.  I shared an image on my Instagram  as a mini video.

They have a wide range of templates for you to use and you can also upload your own images, which you can check out HERE

Remember that you can also send  the flyers out, if you wanted to receive RSVPs to your event you can add this to your flyer, and they have a variety of free templates that you can use, and it is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family around the world.  

New Work
Pastel Prints and More
Pastel painting framed
Prints, posters and cards 
I completed my 100 Days of Pastel Paintings and have the selection available as Prints on my RedBubble site, you can also get the prints on bags, journals and more

Tote Bags and other accessories available
You can even get some of the designs on some lovely summer dresses, t-shirts and other accessories!  Check them out HERE

Art prints on dress, in the form of moringa seeds
Moringa Seed Design - great talking point!

If you would like to see the new work that I have you can visit my Website and for videos go to my YouTube channel, you are also most welcome to subscribe!

Join me on Patreon

Check me out HERE

Why not give Paperless Post a try and let me know how you get on.

Stay blessed and be a blessing.


  1. Glad you're still writing posts about your Art.

    1. Hey Tea, yes Still at it and trying to keep up with all the wonderful tools that social media brings. Hope you are well! How is your creative journey going? Blessings


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