Tuesday 3 December 2019

Season 2 - Creating in Faith - Happy


What would you say your general mood is from day to day?  Sometimes there are external things that can allow to have an impact on our overall mood and we then respond to things in a negative way.  Does that mean that we scan not be happy despite what is going on around us?  Can you have an argument about something and still be in a happy frame of mind?  Listen to the Podcast

Going through an electrical and water outage at the same time over a period of 8 hours really helped me put things into perspective.  It isn’t until these things are gone do you really appreciate what you could do when you had them, how much you depend on them and what impact not being able to do the things that you took for granted would have..  All of our appliance ran out of charge and we were then faced with reading, writing and having a conversation rather than all having our heads in a screen of varying size – which despite no lights I appreciated the pause.

I was reminded that I love writing and it is something that I have kept up, but I was also able to get on with some writing that I really needed to focus on but never found the time.  We just had to find a way to make it work for us, without getting annoyed that the lights went off, as that wouldn’t have solved anything and we would still be without light and water.
It brought back memories of being a child and the lights going out and our big sister would make it fun, - back then you did more things together as a family, without the distractions of the computer screen and the tv (which only had 4 channels)!  We were always able to look at things from a different perspective which didn’t have stress attached to it.  We knew the lights would come back eventually so we did something else until it did.

Is happy your constant state of being, happy within yourself, your state of mind, not looking at what you think things should be, knowing who you are and what you stand for.  Things don’t always have to go the way that we expect -and we know that we are the creators of our own reality. Don’t expect others to ‘make’ you happy or feel that it is your duty to ‘make’ someone else ‘Happy’ – it is not your responsibility to make others happy. 

Take a moment and consider how you are feeling at the moment, think about whether you are in a happy state of being, check out the Art Journal page video, and the monthly Journal that you can join me in making and see if you are further inspired in your journey.

Realityarts Podcast - Creating in Faith - Happy
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