Monday 30 December 2019

Creating in Faith - Sentiments - Episode 177

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There are certain things that we can hold on to because it reminds us of another time, or brings back memories of when we used to, could do and that warm fuzzy feeling as you go down memory lane recalling the incident.  There are those memories that you also maybe don't want to bring back into the present day.

How often do you think of something you have done and remembered some of the amazing things that you have done to get you to the exact point that you are now.  You are amazing and It brings a smile to my face when I remember those times you used to do those amazing things all those years ago.

You remember, you could and did light up the room with your energy and laughter, your fantastic sense of humor and you would make everyone feel so special, though you didn't realise it.

It is easy to remember the times other people impacted on our lives, now think about the impact you have on other peoples lives, think about your gifts and talents, and how you have made use of them.

As you go about your day be reminded of how special you are and when people think about you they hold you in high regard!  So from time to time, begin to think about yourself in the same way.  

Have a blessed New Year - I hope that you have been working on your focus for 2020.


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